11th - 13th APRIL 2017


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Gettting Around

Visiting Bahrain you get to see the exotic destinations of the Middle East! Take in the glorious sights of Bahrain and you can unwind from your busy lifestyle from where you may be coming from. Getting around to the Bahrain attractions can be done on rented cabs or other vehicles and there are a number of car rental firms around Bahrain to avail your desired vehicle service. Enjoy hassle free getting around trips as there are no traffic jams to hamper you in your sight- seeing activities.

Decent bus services are available for commuters to get around the villages and other centre of attractions. Some tourists even get around their itinerary on foot but for getting around trips toward the far-flung attractions, it is much more practical for you to ride on a bus or drive by.

There are not many transport options like trains and trams available in Bahrain and getting around may not be too convenient if you are not skilled in driving. It is better if you are equipped with an International Driving Permit before setting off on your own vehicle. Though there exists a cheap fare in most of the public transport systems, when you are getting around by a taxi, always go in for the meter or rate of the cab you are hiring. Haggle for hourly rate if you wish to get around greatly distant places.

In Bahrain most 5 star hotels include your transportation services also in their rates which is highly convenient. Hence, you can be getting around Bahrain in almost perfect convenience. Bahrain is unlike its neighbouring Islamic regions and restrictions are less. You'll probably get to enjoy more the magnificent adventures in Bahrain if you are inclined to getting around the islands.