11th - 13th APRIL 2017


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Night Life

Nightlife in Bahrain is quite exciting. In spite of being a conservative country, Bahrain surprisingly has an abundance of night clubs, pubs and live music bands. Experience the pulsating night life of Bahrain in its night clubs of Bahrain. Most of the pubs and the clubs are at a walking distance from each other as the country is small in area. Most of them are attached to hotels and play world class music to karaoke. Bahrain serves you with the ultimate thrill, be it DJ nights, playing pool, or watching an international sport on the giant flat screen television.

Bahrain being the nerve center of disco and night clubs, the vibrating pulse of the middle -east night life can be felt here and it has become a famous party hub for the people living there. Just explore the vibrant ambience of the night clubs in Bahrain and revel in the festivities there!

The main night clubs are:

  • The Warbler
  • JJ Murphy's
  • Barnaby Joe's in Bahrain
  • Rock bottom
  • Likwid

Enjoy the fun filled atmosphere over a glass of wine, cocktail or any other favourite drink. These pubs offer a range of enticing drinks and food.

BJ the front runner among the other local clubs of Bahrain with its English pub style is one of the most happening places in town. Among the other night clubs in Bahrain, it has garnered the maximum attention with its American pool hall, Discotheque and live rock music. Enjoy dancing under beautiful lights and sound here.

Check out some of the wonderful blends of hard drinks amidst beautiful music and people. Stretch out and relax on the lounge sofas or shake your legs with the deafening music of the night clubs in Bahrain.